How to choose th cooling levels

How to choose th cooling levels

Arc-Chill Cooling Levels


Arc-Chill products are divided into 5 cooling levels according to different Q-Max values (Q-Max is the peak value of heat flux which flows out of a copper plate having a finite amount of heat into surface of fabric after the plate contacts the fabric surface. This property is used to estimate the thermal sensation when skin touches fabrics. A higher value of Q-Max means that there is more rapid movement of heat from the body to the fabric surface resulting in a cooler-feeling fabric).


Cooling levels —

Cooling Level 1:

Cotton and microfiber, Q-Max value is 0. Soft and breathable


Cooling Level 2:

Silky , Q-Max value>0.2. Soft, silky, slightly cooling.


Cooling Level 3:

Arc-Chill Natural, Q-Ma>0.3. 100% bamboo fiber + nylon + mica. Antibacterial, antistatic, breathable, odor-blocking. Cooling effect is obvious, cool to the touch.


Cooling Level 4:

Arc-Chill Pro, Q-Max>0.4. Nylon + PE + mica. Arc-Chill Pro series products produce a cool sensation and reduce skin temperature by 2°C to 5°C。Antibacterial, antistatic, breathable, odor-blocking. Cooling effect is strong, cool to the touch.


Cooling Level 5:

Arc-Chill Extreme, Q-Max>0.5. Nylon + spandex + mica, long lasting cooling effect, antibacterial, antistatic, breathable, odor-blocking



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