Do cooling blankets really work & should I buy one in summer?

Do cooling blankets really work & should I buy one in summer?

Who invents the cooling blanket?

The prototype of the cooling blanket originated from NASA. This may surprise you, but think about it carefully, the biggest threat to astronauts in space is the extreme temperatures. Under the irradiation of the sun, astronauts will face extremely high temperatures. So NASA wanted to invent a device that could keep them cool when passing through high-temperature areas, which inspired many companies and gave rise to the emergence of cooling blankets.

When you see here, does the answer to whether cooling blankets work become more clearer? YES! COOLING BLANKET IS USEFUL!

How does the cooling blanket work?

Dissipate heat

When we sleep, part of the excess heat generated by the human body's metabolism will be transferred to the bed surface and quilt through contact. However, the quilt and mattress are not good at dissipating heat causing us to get hotter and hotter as we sleep. Therefore, to better dissipate heat, a cooling blanket needs to be made of highly breathable and lighter materials like bamboo fiber.

I remember when summer came, my mom always said: it’s time to replace your mattress with a bamboo one! In my memory of childhood, bamboo mattress always lets me feel cool through the whole hot summer night. That’s because bamboo fiber has many good advantages like breathable and lightweight which can better dissipate heat to avoid the continuous expansion of hot areas then create a cooler environment for you. Cover yourself with bamboo blanket and enjoy the precious refresh.


Breathability is also important factor in summer blanket. When we sleep, our bodies expel moisture. If the blanket is not breathable enough, the moisture will be trapped inside. Then breeding bacteria over time, it will be a big problem for people are sensitive. What’s more. Human skin also needs to breathe, so a non-breathable blanket will clog the pores and cause eczema, acne and other skin problems. Fortunately, bamboo fiber is not only highly breathable but also has natural antibacterial and antibacterial functions, which can effectively protect skin health.


Unlike winter blankets, a good summer blanket should be lighter and more comfortable to the touch. Silk blanket does a great job in this regard. It not only maintains your temperature to a comfortable level, but also gives you a luxurious experience of silky and comfortable.

Why should you choose elegear blanket?

Continuous innovation--new material we provide

We adopt a new technology in cooling blankets called Arc-Chill. Arc-chill cooling fiber is made with conductive cross-section fibers and jade particles. Conductive cross-section polyester is used to speed up moisture evaporation while jade particles will absorb heat dissipated from the body. This kind of combination makes the temperature of the skin at 35.6-41℉ successfully.

Special design--unlock fun experience for children

In order to allow customers of all ages to enjoy the summer nights to the greatest extent, in addition to using high-quality materials and conducting careful research, we also spent a lot of time on the product design. Glowing summer blanket emits a soft blue light in the darkness transforming children's rooms into a magical wonderland.Not only does it maintain a cool temperature, but it also adds fun kids.

Various options--more freedom for you

We offer all kinds of blankets with different fabric, from silk, bamboo fiber to new materials. Our products are suitable for different needs, from adults, children to cute animals. Yes, they also deserve a cool sleep!




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