Elegear Folding Wagon Cart review

Elegear Folding Wagon Cart review

What is it?

The Elegear Folding Wagon Cart is exactly what its name implies. This wagon collapses and is easy to stow and quick to open and use.

What’s included?

Tech specs

  • Capacity: 120L
  • Weight limit: 176lbs
  • Weight: 16.3lbs
  • Length: 27in
  • Height: 24.5in (including wheels)
  • Width: 17.7in
  • Fabric: 600D double layer Oxford cloth, machine washable

Design and features

When packing to go spend the day at the beach, camping, or doing photoshoots, I always seem to bring more than I need. I like to think of that as preparedness, but others may think otherwise. I just might need that “thing”. So inevitably, I would pack a backpack or two, a duffle, and other bags and cases. Getting all these items to the final destination usually involves many trips to the car or enlisting “helpers”.

I’ve been thinking about getting a wagon to help me schlep all my gear to where I need to be. Recently, I was able to pack a couple of folding chairs, my completely overstuffed camera bag, a case for lighting, and a portable power station (stay tuned for an upcoming review) in the Elegear Folding Wagon Cart and made it in one trip!

It’s great having a wagon to lug all my gear around, but what about when I’m not using it or if I have to store it in the car until I get to the location? I mean, I need to have room for both my stuff and the wagon, right? The Elegear Folding Wagon Cart folds down to an astonishingly small package, easily fitting into almost any trunk or rear cargo area. If needed, you can remove the wheels for an even smaller footprint.

Assembly, Installation, Setup

Assembly was straight-forward:

  • Unfasten the velcro straps around the carry plates
  • Pull opposite edges of the wagon, until you see the middle, and then press down
  • While pressing the red button, snap in the wheels, making sure the wheels with curved forks are in the front and those with straight forks are in the rear
  • Unfold and place the carry plates on the bottom of the wagon
  • The handle had been raised by pressing the red button

Press the red button to fully insert the wheels

Curved forks in the front

Pull up on this loop to fold the wagon

Folding the wagon back up is just as easy:

  • Remove the carry plates
  • Pull up the bottom of the wagon by pulling the loop
  • Push in the opposite corners
  • Wrap the cover plates around, and fasten the velcro straps


The Elegear Folding Wagon Cart performed well. The plastic wheels rolled along and there was very little resistance. I especially liked that the handle would always return to the upright position, no more picking the handle up from the ground.

What I like about the Elegear Folding Wagon Cart

  • Compact, folds very small and is easy to disassemble/re-assemble
  • Handle, stays upright and doesn’t fall down
  • Pockets, two for water bottles, an internal zippered pocket and an external hanging pocket
  • Machine washable, the fabric can easily be removed and thrown in the washer

Final thoughts

I am absolutely loving the Elegear Folding Wagon Cart! Not only does it help me get all my stuff to where I need to be, but it also helps me to keep things organized and I know where things are. Instead of carrying and keeping track of multiple bags, I just need to keep track of the wagon. If you need to haul a bunch of stuff, a wagon is the way to go!

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