The Best Material and Fabric for Cooling Blanket--Arc-Chill

The Best Material and Fabric for Cooling Blanket--Arc-Chill

Common materials in summer blanket

Materials for summer blanket plays an important role in making people feel cool and comfortable.  They should be breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. The most widely used fabrics are cotton, linen, bamboo-derived rayon, Tencel, certain polyester, blended fabrics and so on. However, the above materials have some disadvantages as well. For example, cotton is known for breathability but it is easy to wrinkle and difficult to smooth. Bamboo fiber has the feature of antibacterial and cooling benefits but is less durable. The new technology of Arc-chill absorbs the benefits of the above materials and avoids the shortcomings at the same time which is the gospel for hot sleepers.

What is Arc-chill?

Arc-chill cooling fiber is made with conductive cross-section fibers and jade particles. 

Jade particles: produce an endothermic reaction that absorbs energy

Conductive cross-section polyester: speeds up moisture evaporation when the body perspires.

The combination can quickly absorb body heat, is good at moisture-wicking, and creates coolness and breathability. When you cover yourself with a blanket with Arc-chill cooling fiber, the skin temperature can drop to 35.6-41℉ easily.


How to choose the right cooling level for an Arc--chill Cooling Blanket?

There are five levels in Arc--Chill cooling blanket.

Cooling Level 1

Products rated with an Arc-Chill cooling level of 1 are constructed with light and breathable materials. Even though Arc-Chill cooling products rated with a cooling level 1 designation use some textiles with a Q-Max rating of zero, Arc-Chill’s innovative manufacturing and Jade nano-technology still ensure that the product will have some cooling effect. Most of the products rated with this cooling level are made from light cotton or microfiber.

Cooling Level 2

A step up from the previous level, Arc-Chill products rated at cooling level 2 have been manufactured using textiles rated with a Q-Max rating. The Q-Max rating for Arc-Chill cooling products with a cooling level 2 designation is at least 0.2 on the Q-Max scale; this means that they will have a much more noticeable cooling effect and will cool you off more rapidly. These products feel very soft, silky, and luxurious to touch.

Cooling Level 3: Arc-Chill Natural

Arc-Chill products rated with a cooling level of 3 or higher offer impressive cooling properties and are among the best rated cooling products available. Arc-Chill products with a level 3 designation have a Q-Max rating of at least 0.3 which means that they will cool you off quickly and efficiently. Arc-Chill products in this category are made with 100% bamboo fiber, nylon, and mica. These products have antibacterial qualities, as well as anti-static and odor-blocking properties.

Cooling Level 4: Arc-Chill Pro

Arc-Chill products that have been rated at cooling level 4 are constructed with textiles that have been rated with a Q-Max value of at least 0.4. These products are among the best cooling products available, and they can cool your skin by between two degrees and five degrees on contact. The cooling sensation is very strong with these products. Arc-Chill Pro cooling products also have all of the antibacterial, anti-static, and odor-blocking properties as the products in cooling level 3.

Cooling Level 5: Arc-Chill Extreme

Arc-Chill’s most advanced cooling products are rated with a cooling level of 5. Having a Q-Max rating of 0.5 or greater, the Arc-Chill Extreme products are made with Arc-Chills proprietary Jade nano-technology and feature nylon, spandex, and mica textiles. Products with this cooling level designation offer a long-lasting cooling sensation that will help you have the most luxurious sleep of your life, and feature the same additional benefits as the products rated with lower levels.


Diverse choices to meet individual needs!

Arc-Chill cooling products, such as the cooling blanket, represent the best of what’s possible in cooling home items. Each Arc-Chill product has been designed and manufactured to keep you cool throughout the night. Five different cooling levels let you select the most suitable Arc-Chill cooling product for your needs. But one thing for sure: no matter which product you choose, you’ll love it! Click here to start your cool summer night!



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