As the weather is turning warmer now, it is time to ditch the thick duvet and welcome the cooling duvet! This cooling duvet uses Japanese Arc-Chill cool technology Q-Max 0.5 cooling fibre that absorbs body heat and reduces skin temperature by 2 to 5 degrees.

I had previously reviewed the cooling blanket that uses Q-Max 0.43 cooling fibre, and I love it very much. I often use it for my afternoon nap. As for this Elegear Arc-Chill duvet, it feels so much more cosy and has a bit of weight. This duvet is great to use during nighttime.

When I unpacked the box, the blanket was wrapped in a plastic bag. It comes in six different colour options and two different sizes. They are dark grey, gradient grey, grey, lake green, striped grey and striped lake green. I have the dark grey colour which does not look too dark at all. This colour looks very modern, sleek and stylish, and matches other items and furnishings we have in our home.

The two sizes are the Queen (150 x 200cm) and King (200 x 220cm). I have received the queen-size duvet, which is big enough for two people to share as you can see in this photo. We have a king-size bed hence the duvet slightly overflows the bed. Also, it is so lightweight that you can pack it away for camping etc.

Both sides of this duvet are made of Japanese cooling fibres and jade-based fibres to make the duvet feel soft and silky. It is filled with DARCON fibres to form a 3-D hollow structure. It is also anti-static. We know the feeling of getting static shocks with a fleece-type blanket and it’s never much fun!

The stitching on the duvet is brilliant and it is very nicely finished all around. There is not a loose thread in sight, no lumpiness and no hard/stiff edges at all. It is made to a high standard. It is soft, very breathable and consistently feels cooling.

I like that it is machine washable up to 30 degrees as it does not come with an outer cover. It would defeat the purpose of cooling if you covered it with a duvet cover. Once it is washed, it should be hung in the shade to dry. It is not suitable for ironing, tumble drying, bleaching or dry cleaning.

If you are finding it hard to leave your windows open (really dislike those creepy crawly insects) or use a fan directly pointing at you, it is worth getting this cosy duvet to escape from those hot days or nighttime slumbers. I have enjoyed using this duvet while watching TV programs or taking a nap. It keeps me cool and has a cosy feel. I think this blanket is of great use for hot sleepers, or those that suffer from night sweats, and also great to take with you for holidays.



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