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2-Piece Smartphone Blanket, beige 59*78‘’


Use it through the arm through the two holes. You can check your smartphone with a blanket on it
. Your chest and shoulders will not be cold. Even if you turn over, it's hard to peel off!
It is a roomy large size.

Moisture content is about 5 times *
compared to normal polyester fabric . In addition to moisturizing and heat storage functions, it also absorbs heat to keep you warm even in cold weather. Keeps you warm without drying out. Antibacterial deodorant, antibacterial treatment, room drying odor control function for peace of mind. *Comparison with our own products

[Nitori's moisture absorption and heat generation (N warm)] lining

●Keeps your shoulders and neck from getting cold!
● Check your smartphone while wearing a blanket!
●Because the arm passes through, it is hard to come off even if you turn over!
●Spacious and large size!
●Moisturizing (lining fabric)
●Moisture absorption and heat generation (lining fabric)
●Heat storage function (lining fabric)
●Antibacterial and deodorant (lining fabric )
treatment (lining fabric)
●Room drying odor control (lining fabric)
●Machine washable(using a net)

table fabric Fluff: 100%
polyester Base yarn: 100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester
Lining fabric Fluff: 100%
polyester Base yarn: 65% polyester, 35% rayon

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