Cooling Double-Sided Blanket Gradient Color for Hot Sleepers

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Color: Grey
Size: 79" x 86"

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K. Laosa
Yes! It really is always a few degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.

Elegear Cooling Comforter Queen Absorbs Body Heat to Keep Cool, Double-Sided Cooling Blanket for Hot Sleepers Arc-Chill Cool Fabric Q-Max>0.5, Lightweight Summer Comforter Cold Blanket, Gradient Blue

I don’t know how, but this comforter really does retain its coolness relative to the ambient temperature. I’ve been using it a couple of weeks now and it keeps cool the entire time, it doesn’t ever become the ambient temperature of the room.

It’s nice to get into bed and the comforter stays cool, now if there could only be a way to make a sheet and pillowcase, that would be pretty cool. I find that I don’t have to set my air conditioner as low as I used to. I was getting too cold, (believe it or not) so I set it about 3 degrees warmer now.

Besides keeping you cooler at night, I found another benefit of this comforter. One evening, I’d begun to feel slightly nauseous, I think from eating something that didn’t go well with me. I went to my bed to lay down and it was really nice to lay on something that was cool and that didn’t gradually get warm from my body heat. I began to feel better after about 20 minutes. Coincidentally, my 9 year old son also began feeling nauseous about half an hour later (we’d both eaten the same thing for lunch). He came and laid down next to me and also felt better soon afterwards. Just from that experience, I think this is great not only for regular use, but also in moments when you’re not feeling well. I am really glad to have had this comforter on my bed when I was feeling icky. I really feel it helped me feel better.

So in conclusion, this absolutely does somehow remain a noticeable few degrees cooler than the temperature of the environment. It also helped me get over my nausea that one evening and I really appreciated that!

Brent W.
well made!

Works to keep me a little cooler on these hot summer nights. I am pleased overall and goes through the washer with no issues.

Amazing cooling foam

Incredibly cooling. Doesn't seem real. This is a good item especially for the summer. I enjoy using it. Worth the cost.

I’m tired of being hot

When I received this comforter, I was super happy as you can’t really find a good comforter because they’re either too thick or they’re too thin and they keep you hot. This is lightweight but it definitely keeps you slightly warm while cooling you down. I love that it has a lot of softness to it and it’s not too thin and not too thick, but just right kind of sound like the three little bears right there lol the color of the blue is absolutely beautiful. This queen size that I got sure makes me feel like a queen because the material is very elegant and rich. I love it’s not to the point where you’re sliding off of it. Since I’m a hot sleeper, I can’t really sleep with cotton as I get really hot and the good thing about this is that the material keeps it cool so even if you wanted to be warm, you don’t get overheated I love that when you bunch it up it doesn’t look wrinkly or out of place because of the style. Let me just say that this is one of the better comforters and a great price that you can’t beat it. You will definitely, be happy with this and that’s why I recommend it 100% My fur babies love it also!

Granny fixit
Super soft and lightweight

This soft, lightweight comforter is perfect for warm nights. I don’t actually feel a cooling effect, but in these spring nights/mornings, it is super comfortable.