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Revolutionary Silky Soft Both Sides Cooling Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper, Set of 2, Gray (Standard (20" x 26"))


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Multi-use Both Sides Pillowcase:Double-sided design, on one side is made with Japanese Arc-Chill cooling sensing technology fabric, silky and cool, perfect for summer; while the other side is 100% cotton fabric, comfortable and soft, great for spring, autumn and winter.

Keep You Cool All Night:If you tend to wake during the night feeling hot and bothered, a cooling pillowcase option is probably a good choice for you. With this cooling pillow cover, you will fall asleep quickly.

Hidden Zipper Design:Want to look more stylish and beautiful? Our cooling pillowcases feature a hidden zipper design that you won't notice the zipper, but it allows the pillow to be securely hidden in the pillowcase and it is easy to put on and take off.


✔Made of Japanese Arc-Chill cooling sensing technology fabric
✔80% mica nylon, 20% PE cool fabric on the top (cool) side
✔100% natural breathable cotton on the reverse (warm) side

Easy To Care

Compared to the costly and bulky cooling pillows, the cooling pillowcase can also bring you cool in the summer. On top of this, it is easier to replace and clean. Our cooling pillow case can be machine washable. It is recommended that you clean it with a laundry net to prevent entanglement during washing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
My daughter finally slept through the whole night without throwing her pillow on the floor.

My 4 year old throws off some serious body heat. Even during the winter she will often drench her pillow in sweat. I like a nice cool pillow too so when my friend recommended this pillowcase I decided to give it a shot. This is the first night she isnt tossing her pillow on the ground and waking up constantly. What made the investment even better is that these come in sets of 2. I dont think I would have made the purchase if it was just for me, but Im glad I did because I really enjoy the nice soft, cooling texture on my very own perfectly-broken-in- pillow. Best sleep ever.

Eric R vonBorstel
An Excellent Match for an Excellent Blanket

Years ago, I learned (not without some degree of pain) that the better part of valor is to let my wife manage nighttime thermostat settings. Unfortunately, since I tend to sleep a little warmer than she does, I woke up for years in the middle of the night sweaty and uncomfortable.No more!! It is no exaggeration to say that the Elegear cooling blanket has changed my life in a very positive way. (See my video review of that product for details if you're interested.) As a result, these pillowcases were an easy sell. After about two weeks of using them, I can't really imagine being more pleased. For less than $25, my life has improved again!The magic behind this product is the shiny side (which is an 80/20 nylon/polyethylene mix) that is remarkably cool to the touch. You can see (in second photo) the contrast between that side and the (100% cotton) warmer side on the reverse. I am almost certain that I will never use the warm side on my head! When I climb into bed, I position myself on my side, place the puffier pillow (again, shiny side up) between by legs for back support, lay my head on that cool (flatter) pillow, and I am out in minutes! Sheer wizardry.I do find that after a couple hours with my head on the pillowcase, the cooling effect recedes somewhat. This is easily remedied with a 180-degree rotation of the pillow and repositioning my head on a not-recently-used portion (which allows the part where my head was to cool back down). With my cool head is restored, back I go into dreamland!If you sleep on the hot side, please try this product! Honestly, the fact that I spent so little to change my life so profoundly makes me feel like I got away with something - in a very good way!

John Marshal
It really works!

I love these pillowcases! There are two sides to it. One side is soft like a knit material. The other side is like a performance silky spandex material. Like those super silky shorts that guys wear for a week before switching to the next ones. It really works though! I put it on my pillow last night and it was amazing! It stayed cool all night! Now I’m considering buying the matching blanket!

Madison Price
Worth It

I got these pillow cases after recently getting a blanket made of the same material and am very happy with the purchase. They definitely are soothing during the night for a restless sleeper like myself!

Great for Texas

Great pillows for Texas. My girlfriend likes to be warm, the backside is great for that. The front is cool and silky soft, no longer have to flip my pilllow in the middle of the night! Love these