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SKU: B08DFW1151

Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Sweat Green(Three Sizes)


Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fibers: to brilliantly absorb body heat. Regular fiber is just 0.2. Makes you cool and comfortable without perspiration. You wake rested, refreshed and comfortably dry. No sticky feeling.

DOUBLE SIDED: with special 80% mica nylon, 20% PE cool fabric on the top side is very comfortable, breathable for hot summer use. Natural 100% cotton on the bottom inside is suitable for spring&autumn use. No wonder this blanket feels so nice against your skin.

VERSATILE USAGE SCENARIOS: Three sizes to choose from. Use these for kid's room, camping, in the car, travel, airplanes, bring extra soft and comfort for an afternoon nap with our sleep blanket - Perfect for indoor and outdoor and anywhere else you want a comfortable blanket to keep warm and cool.

✔Advanced Cooling Blanket
✔Absorbs body heat to keep you cool
✔100% natural breathable cotton on bottom side
✔Made of Japanese Cooling Fiber80% mica nylon, 20% polyethylene top side
✔Great for summer, fall, springSleep comfortably for a full night's rest

Easy To Care

✔Fully machine washable. Put blanket inside a laundry net bag to prevent entanglement and damage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Refreshingly Cool Blanket

I like it. Because I'm a sweaty fat guy, I often get way too hot when I sleep. A few of the other reviews compared this blanket to the cool side of a pillow and I found that to be an extremely accurate way to describe it. It will warm up slightly after awhile, but it stays cooler than pretty much any other blanket. I also like how silky smooth it is. Definitely a good purchase for warm sleepers and fattys.

Keeps cool for a long time!!

Oh. My. Goodness. I received my Cooling Blanket yesterday and after sleeping with it last night I am so grateful to have found this product! As you can see in my photo I’m not the only one who likes it!! The only issue I had was trying to keep my fur babies off of it! It’s everything I wanted. Soft, lightweight, and I slept so good! Kept me cool when I had hot flashes and when I was chilled I flipped it over and it kept me warm. No question, this blanket is absolutely worth the money!!

Very comfotrable and totally worth it

This blanket is thin but has a little weight to it, it feels like its hugging you, it's soft on one side and feels nice against my skin, the other side is cool to the touch. my husband is 6ft tall and it's long enough for him to be comfortable with it. the layers are sewn together nicely. I got this blanket for summer and I'm already loving it in may, worth the price.