Arc-chill® Cooling Comforter Precision V-tack Quilting


Cooling Technology for Ultimate Comfort: Elegear cooling blanket uses Japanese Q-Max 0.5 (other cooling fibers only have a cooling value of 0.2) Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers with PE super cool feeling factor to brilliantly absorb body heat. The fabric is made with seven-hole fibers, which offers 7 times the moisture-wicking and breathability of regular fibers and allows this cooling comforter to instantly reduce skin temperature by 2-5°C, ensuring maximum comfort and a great night's sleep.

Double-sided Design: One side of this cool blanket is made with the Japanese Arc-chill cooling fabric, which provides excellent cooling sensation and is suitable for summer use. The other side is made with extra soft washed cotton, which has a soft and plush surface, good moisture-wicking and breathability, allowing your skin to breathe freely. All the fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, skin-friendly and safe enough for anyone.

8-hour Nightly Beauty Regimen: This exquisite down blanket is infused with the finest jade masterbatch to provide you with exceptional skincare benefits while you sleep. The jade masterbatch contains active ingredients and mineral elements that effectively lock in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and supple throughout the night. Investing in this exceptional blanket means investing in your skin's health and beauty.

Precision Multi-needle V-tack Quilting: Unlike other single needle blankets, this cool comforter features higher-cost precision multi-needle quilting, meticulous stitches are evenly distributed on the blanket, protecting the filling from clumping or shifting and preventing the seams from opening, ensuring the durability of the cooling throw blanket. The innovative V-tack and jump quilting technique allows the summer blanket to fit your body curve perfectly, comfort your body with a gentle hug.

Optimal Filling Weight: This cooling quilt features a whole-piece fiber filling that is evenly distributed, the corners are uniformly plump without loose threads or empty edges. The middle layer is padded for an optimal thickness and weight, providing a soothing and calming experience on hot nights for a peaceful and restful sleep. The three-layer air structure keeps the cold blanket fluffy without collapsing, ensuring a soft and cozy feel no matter how you sleep.
Machine washable

-The fabric of this summer quilt is wear-resistant and durable. The single needle stitching and wrapped edge design can keep the fiberfill stay in place, prevent the fiber from shifting and clumping, which make the cooling throw blanket fully machine washable without color loss and shrinkage.
-(Put the blanket inside a laundry net bag to prevent entanglement and damage.) Please remember not to put the summer throw blanket in the dryer, let it dry naturally.

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Customer Reviews

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Double-Sided, Summer and Fall

I have to admit, there is a lot of good information on the product page and I did not noticed or read the part about double-sided until now :). Which explains why I noticed immediately after opening the plastic bag that one side of the blanket is always much cooler to the touch than the other. So I was curious initially and tested both sides, putting one hand under each side, sure enough, the shinny silky fabric side is much cooler to the touch than the Cotton side of this blanket. Needless to say, I was very impressed by that fact :). Eventually the temperature on both sides do balanced out after a long while. However, if I moved my hand to a different area of the silky cooling fabric, it does cool down much faster than the Cotton side.