Houndstooth Double Cooling Blanket

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Size: 90"x108"

Double-sided cooling material!

UPGRADE ULTRA COOLING FABRIC - This cooling blanket can keep you cooling all the night, even in warm and hot summer weather — uses our special upgrade Japanese Q-Max 0.55 Arc-Chill Ultra Cooling Fibers to brilliantly absorb body heat, reducing skin temperature by 35 to 41℉ instantly.

DOUBLE SIDED COLD EFFECT - The top of this cooling blanket is a fabric woven with 50% Arc-Chill Cooling Nylon and 50% Polyester , the bottom inside is 100% update Arc-Chill Ultra Cooling Nylon fiber, which can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate, so that the human skin will be dry and comfortable, and has a cool feeling. Is a good choice for hot sleepers and night sweats on summer.

HOUNDSTOOTH PATTERN FASHION DESIGN - Features a timeless houndstooth pattern that will give you a glamorous elegance wherever you use it. Exquisite craftsmanship allows the blanket to endure over time. Compared with our first-generation cool blanket, this upgraded cold blanket is more fashionable and good-looking, and can be used as a very good fashion item.

VERSATILE USAGE SCENARIOS - Comes in 4 sizes to meet your different needs.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Can be machine washable directly, easy and convenient in our daily using. And it will never fade even after thousands of washes, it also won’t change.

NOTE: Can’t be dried in a dryer, that may affect the cooling effect of the cold blanket. You can hang this cold blanket in A COOL, WELL- VENTILATED PLACE to air dry, avoid direct sun.

Details: KEEP YOUR COOL ALL NIGHT, even in warm and hot summer weather — uses our special Japanese Q-Max 0.45 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers to brilliantly absorb body heat, reducing skin temperature by 2 to 5°C instantly. (Other companies’ cooling fibers only have a cooling value of 0.2). This blanket makes you cool and comfortable without perspiration.

Customer Reviews

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Debra Coletta
Love it!!

The inside lining of the blanket is amazingly cool!!

I thought people were joking..

I thought people were joking about the cooling effect, but it really does feel cool to touch when you first put your skin to it. As it takes heat from your body, the blanket will heat up and the cooling effect will no longer be there until you either move to another part of the blanket, or kinda just shake it around so it cools off.

Joey P
For the hot sleepers

This thing helps to keep you cool at night. It’s best for these super warm nights. My wife loves this thing coupled with her bedjet to keep her cool thru the night.
If you need a weighted blanket feel this is NOT for you. We use a top sheet and this blanket only at night.

Nancy Rookard
It was well liked.

This was a gift and she loves it.

Love How Cool It Stays

I am a person who gets heat flareups while sleeping and at night I need to be cool to even get to sleep. This product is the best that I have ever bought to keep me cool. I had this blanket for about a week. It is really doing a great job now since my AC broke 2 days ago and it still helps me stay cool.