Ice silk Ocean Pattern Cooling Blanket

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Size: 51" x 67"

DOUBLE COOLING - Made of Arc-chill cool technology fabric on the top side, which quickly absorb human body heat to keep cool all the night. Incorporates Jade Nano-particles into the fabric, it has a high specific heat capacity to lower body temperature by 2~5 °C and relieve muscle fatigue, relax body, makes people feel super cool, comfortable and breathable!

UNIQUE PRINTING DESIGN - Printed with shell, coral and more marine organism, it’s rendered in soothing hues of blue that will make you feel like waking up to the sea breeze every morning.

ULTRA SOFT - The fabric is super soft and breathable like the sea breeze, which quickly take away the summer heat and humidity. Four sizes can be selected

EASY TO CLEAN AND CARE - Hand wash or machine wash (on slow/gentle setting) with water (temperature below 30 degrees C/86 degrees F), hang the soft summer blanket vertically on the clothes hanger, and dry the blanket in a cool and ventilated place: it will then resume its original size.

PLEASE NOTE: don’t put the twin cooling blanket in the dryer or dry it in sun; don’t bleach or iron. We recommend that you put this cool blanket in the laundry net bag to prevent tangling or damage.

Details: Made of Arc-chill cool technology fabric and nylon cooling blanket, adopting the simplified process, natural material cool blankets are safe enough even for baby.SOFT AND DECORATIVEIt is sumptuously soft and has a luxurious texture, this blanket adds an extra layer of comfort to your bed or couch.EASY TO CAREIt could be washed in a machine easily, just put it in the gentle cycle with cold water. It will look like a new one.

Customer Reviews

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We have bought 7 of these blankets and absolutely love them. They are very silky feeling. I would have only one negative and that is when you put a blanket on top of it sometimes it slips off. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a blanket, it's more like 2 silky sheets together. I would highly recommend these if you are a hot sleeper. Moving it just a few inches it's cool again. I would buy again for sure. Thank you.

maurice overby
What a tremendous surprise!

This arrives in a nice small box. We knew it would not work. But we had to try. It is amazing! We put the silky side down next to our skin and put a sheet over the top. This is the way we sleep. The blanket feels so good and adjusts to our body temperature all night long. It really works like it says and we are shocked. It is just big enough for our queen bed but you would not want it bigger.

Josiah Newman
Beautiful! Quality and comfort with the perfect amount of coolness! 5 stars

Absolutely perfect definitely worth buying

Pat Q
It really feels cool to your skin.

We use this blanket as a bed sheet and it feels nice and cool against the skin. Good stitching not cheaply made. Very satisfied with this purchase.

5’5”/36 C or D/180/12or14-US/L-XL
Surprisingly AWESOME!

I’ve been burning up at night for the past 2-3 years but NO MORE!!
I really doubted this thing, but it is AWESOME!
I wrap myself in it like a taco - then I can lay on the mattress and under all the blankets and I never overheat. This thing is very cold at first and then only warms to your normal body temp, max. It never gets any warmer no matter how many blankets my always-cold husband throws on the bed. I L O V E I T and will be buying as gifts this year...