Super Moisture-Absorbent Washable Reusable Pet Mat with Non-Slip Design - 27” x 36” Grey


Moisture Absorption and Deodorization: Made of high-quality PA and felt material, which not only includes diatomite and moisture absorbing particles that effectively absorb urine and water, but also contains bamboo charcoal particles with a deodorizing function. This is why using our absorbent pet mat can usefully reduce pet skin diseases caused by moisture, giving your furry friends and family a cleaner and healthier environment.

Visual Humidity Indicator Card: Comes with a humidity indicator card to let you know the humidity of the mat, so that you can always keep the mat dry, fresh, and comfortable for your pet. When the mat is dry, the indicator card’s color is blue, and you can use the mat normally. When the mat becomes damp or wet, the card turns pink. Then, take the card out and dry the mat to use again. NOTE: The card is not waterproof, so take it out before you wash the mat.

Non-Slip, Durable Pet Mat: The bottom of the mat is made of felt fabric that prevents it from slipping or sliding, and also prevents urine from seeping into the floor or pet crate. All our pet sleeping mats are tested before production—the anti-slip effect is obvious when compared with traditional gel material. This mat is not easily torn by dogs, cats, or other pets, so it is safer and more reliable for your pets as a cat bed mat, dog bed mat, or pet bed mat generally.

Multiple Sizes & Styles: Four sizes fit different pets. The Small (18*24 inch) and Medium (20*30 inch) sizes work for small puppies/cats/small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas/Poodles/Pomeranians—the Large (27*36 inch) and X-Large (32*44 inch) suit big pets, such as Border Collies/Samoyed/Huskies. This pet bed mat is lightweight and foldable: perfect for home, outdoors, or on-the-go. You can put it on the floor/carpet, in dog kennels, on sofas/pet beds/car seats, and in outdoor shade.

Washable & Reusable: Are you tired of cleaning your cat mat? Don’t worry, our pet mat is machine- and hand-washable (please use gentle cycle if machine washing) and can be dried by dryer. This non-slip dog mat is durable and long-lasting, can be washed many times and won’t deform. Also, these washable dog pads of ours are not only economical, but also eco-friendly compared to other disposable pads, saving money for you and protecting the environment.