Arc-chill® Cooling Pillowcases with Premium Silky

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❄【Arc-Chill Cooling Technology】 We keep trying to create the most comfortable sleep for our customers, and finally, the Stretch Cooling Pillow case was born! The latest Arc-Chill Extreme fabric(Q-Max>0.5) which added cool particles of crystal jade can fleetly absorb sweat and heat, lowering body surface temperature over 5℃ at the moment your skin touches the cool pillowcase. The anxious and fretful will go, sleepiness and comfort will come.
❄【Gentle on Hair & Skin】Our cooling silky pillowcases for hair and skin is certified by SGS, which suit babies‘ delicate skin. Arc-Chill cooling silky fiber is soft, smooth, and skin-friendly so it's through unique soft texture, considerate caress your every inch of skin, and its anti-dust and breathable function also helps you get rid of skin troubles. Besides, your hair will say goodbye to messy hairstyle after wake-up, due to Elegear cooling pillowcase are extra soft and static-free.
❄【Magic Stretch Pillowcase】Elegear combines Nylon and PE perfectly with our superior technology to create the magic stretch Cooling Pillow case with super toughness and ultra-elasticity, which fits standard(20x26 inch), queen size(20x30 inch) pillows, and other wave-shaped latex pillows like memory foam pillows. You’ll never again need to worry that the cooling pillowcases you buy won’t fit your pillows.
❄【Sturdy Hidden Zipper Design】Compared to others envelope closure pillowcases, our summer pillow covers designed with zipper closure are safer, more practical, and more aesthetic. The wide opening and long zipper combined with magic stretch technology make our cooling pillow cases easy to wear and fit different size pillows closely. Your pillow will never slip out like an envelope closure pillow cases. In addition, it avoids accidentally facial hurt by zipper contact.
❄【Easy to Care & Cleaning】Compared to other costly and flimsy mulberry silk pillowcases, Elegear stretch cold pillowcase can also bring you a silky and smooth tactile impression. On top of this, it is easier to care and clean. You needn't worry about our cooling pillowcases will fade or pilling after machine washing. Our quick-dry cool pillow cases will hang dry in an hour and you don’t even need to use a dryer.


✔Made of Japanese Arc-Chill cooling sensing technology fabric
✔80% mica nylon, 20% PE cool fabric on the top (cool) side
✔100% natural breathable cotton on the reverse (warm) side

Easy To Care

Compared to the costly and bulky cooling pillows, the cooling pillowcase can also bring you cool in the summer. On top of this, it is easier to replace and clean. Our cooling pillow case can be machine washable. It is recommended that you clean it with a laundry net to prevent entanglement during washing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
I like how it feels

It doesn't stay cool for long but the fabric feels really nice and it is so chilly when my head first hits the pillow.

christy mofield
Cooling comfort

Great cool to touch No more pillow flipping for cool spot !


These pillow cases are awesome. They keep me nice and cool during my rest time. They actually feel like they been stored in my fridge all night. I am menopausal so ladies this is a must for us! Just buy em and thank me later 😊

Precise Disarray
super smooth, silky, stays comfortable feeling. DO NOT DRY or wash with heat

I'm impressed. I have used cooling pillow cases before, and found them effective, but the cooling material have always been on just one side. These are 100% cooling material. The material is super smooth and silky feeling. It is great feeling against hair and skin (even better than my old polyester satin I was using before cooling pillowcases). The material is cool, and does not seem to get hot hot. The pillow cases are super stretchy with a small hidden zipper. They grab onto the pillow and dont loosen up. Makes my pillow look neat and clean, not sloppy from loose material. I can even have two pillows stacked and somehow despite being a smooth material, the pillows dont just slide off each other.

We slept well on our new pillowcases!

I had bought a cooling pillow but it didn’t seem cooling. Now with the combination of it with this pillowcase, I am very satisfied. My husband and I both slept well. And the silky fabric didn’t make my hair full of static like some other satiny pillowcases I have tried in the past. I would recommend it highly.