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Vacuum Storage Bags Premium Storage Bags (3 Jumbo, 4 Large, 4 Medium, 3 Travel Roll Up)


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14 VARIETY SIZE VACUUM STORAGE BAGS FOR ALL SIZE ITEMS: 11 vacuum bags in 3 different sizes(3 pieces 39.37'' x 27.56'' jumbo size seal storage space saver bags, 4 pieces 31.5'' x 22.05'' large space saver bags, 4 pieces 23.62'' x 17.71'' medium vacuum bag)Specially designed for stowing your Clothes or textiles at home. 3 pieces 23.62'' x 15.75'' non-valve suitcase travel roll up bags. Ideal choice for your trip!

SPACE SAVING UP TO 80%: Are you planning a longer trip, where you want to take as many clothes as possible and maybe your bedding? Maybe you have a full wardrobe and you want to store your seasonally unused clothes to save space? With a vacuum bag, the size of textiles can be reduced by about 80%, which provides noticeably more storage space!

Stable & Tearproof & Reusable: Made of plastics polyethylene (PE) and polyamide (PA), PE brings along good extensible and PA is very firm. This BPA-free material ensures that the bags are stable, tear-resistant, waterproof and not easily damaged in the case. In addition, the bags are reusable and can be reused on any holiday.

Extra tight & perfect protection: Double zip closure and triple sealed turbo valve ensure 100% air-tightness. With the compression bag, you can not only stash your clothes and other textiles easily and quickly, but also protect against wetness, unpleasant odors, moisture, dirt and vermin. Therefore, do not hesitate storage the space saver bags in the basement or in the attic. The next winter, nothing will be changed in your clothes.

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 6.9 x 3.7 inches

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