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Multi-Functional fruit peeler Set of 3


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Come with sharp blades and the highest quality thick stainless steel. 2 kinds of blade combination(standard & Julienne) to meet the needs of planing hard peel, thin skin and grazing, peeling vegetables, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and other veggies just got a whole lot easier with our SUPER sharp vegetable peeling blade.

Enjoy effortless apple coring - Elegear apple corer consists of two halves of jagged sharp tip parts which are pivoted so that apple corer remover can be opened like a scissor. When closed, apple peeler slicer corer can easily puncture and make swift coring out of many apples within seconds without bruising the fruit! Also works for tomatoes and etc.

Sturable and Easy Operation Pineapple Corer - Pineapple corer Create perfectly formed and ring shaped pineapple flesh and enjoy on the spot! Made of pure 100% food grade 304 (18-10) stainless steel pipe and blade,strong corrosion resistance,BPA-Free,seamless stitching, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and comfortable to hold,pineapple corer slicer is Pull welding work,more durable than spot welding

What you get: Vegetable Fruit Peeler Set Pineapple Corer+Apple Corer +2-in-1 peeler , Multi-functional Manual Stainless Steel Kitchen peeler set of 3 for Home & Kitchen - Easy To Use and Clean
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