Revolutionary Cooling Mat for Pets,Blue

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Size: Small (18"x24")

Feeling Cool: It can be very unsettling to watch your dog panting like crazy on a hot day. Our self-cooling dog mat is made of Arc-Chill natural cooling fabric from Japan, which effectively lowers the apparent temperature 3–5°C ( = 5–9°F) to maintain a comfortable temperature and keep your dog from overheating and dehydration. Just place the cooling mat on your pet's favorite spot—they will love it!

Magic Endothermic Color-Change: Not only looks gorgeous, but also incorporates our endothermic color-change technology. When the ambient temperature or the pet's temperature is higher than 95°F(35°C), the dog mat’s color will lighten—that means the mat is absorbing the heat. Making it possible to 'seen the heat absorption and cooling process'!

Durable, Safe Dog Mat: Unlike others,we use water injection or solid gels. All materials in our mat are safe, non-toxic, non-irritating fibers, free of chemicals. You no longer have to worry about leaking gel poisoning your puppy when it chews the mat, or about water on your carpet and hardwood floors from a leaky water dog mat.

Back is uniquely designed of non-slip particles, protecting your bed or sofa. Since it's lightweight and foldable, it can easily fits in bag or car (Gel-filled or Water-filled mats can't), can be used as a kennel mat, to cover car seats, etc. This mat can help your pet feel cool and comfortable in many ways! Fit for any size pets.

Customer Reviews

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marie-josée deneault

Toutou adore son nouveau tapis👍

Moni sharma
Good product

This mat is soft and supple and my little one loves it. I took this picture before I machine washed and dried it. It came out even softer! The mat is nice and thick too.
This looks like a quality product that should hold up over time. And you can't beat the price!

Ich bin begeistert

Ich habe für diesen Sommer etwas für meine Hunde zur Abkühlung eine Matte gesucht, die ohne Wasser auskommt und bin auf diese kühlende Hundematte gestoßen. Das tolle ist, dass sie die Farbe ändert je nach Körpertemperatur des Tieres.
Da meine zwei Hunde immer zusammen liegen habe ich mich auch für die Größe L entschieden, wobei es wahrscheinlich auch eine Größe kleiner gemacht hätte. Meine Hunde lieben die Matte jetzt schon und wollen gar nicht mehr runter.
Die Matte kann auch mit warmem Wasser unter 30°C gereinigt werden, aber direktes Sonnenlicht sollte vermieden werden, da sonst die Matte ihren Zweck nicht mehr erfüllen kann.
Fazit: Ich bin begeistert.

Keeps the dog cool without worrying about Leakages!

I was sceptical at first as there was no reviews but the doggie loves it ! She was really panting and warm but now she’s able to get some sleep! The mat feels cool to the touch and after she’s moved from one spot to another re cools. Not sure if the humidity indicator works but it seems good for now.

Dogs happy I’m happy.