Butterfly Ergonomic Design Cervical Bed Pillow

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Product Description

Cervical Memory Foam Cooling Pillow for Better Sleep Better Life

Butterfly Ergonomic Design

Our innovative pillow design naturally fits your curved spine, providing proper support for spinal alignment. You can shift between positions comfortably, waking up relaxed and ready for a more energetic day.

Slow Re-bound Memory Foam

60D high-density memory foam, soft yet supportive, comprehensively nurtures your health from all angles.

Gift the joy of good dreams

Our cervical pillow provides amazing relief for neck pain! Its size and design are so versatile and suitable for anyone's sleeping needs. Plus, it makes an incredible gift for family, friends, and colleagues for occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Elevate your loved ones' sleep experience with our high-quality pillows!

Customer Reviews

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Karen @belandbray

This ergonomic pillow is really as advertised! I've been using it for a week now & it has such good support on my neck, whether I sleep on my side or on my back! I hope they make bigger sizes though, for my husb who likes a bigger pillow!

iIs there an upgraded version of Elegear pillow with thickness raised to height beteween 6" - 8".

The product is good for people with minor health issues except that it is a bit low for those who have difficulties in breathing due to serious health issues. Need to add pillow below to raise height and another lumbar pillow at front for neck & shoulder, to be able to breath normally.
Thank you.

Serene Seah
An Ergonomic Adjustable Contour Pillow for all types of sleepers

I know it's due time to change mine when I woke up experiencing my neck aching recently and found myself tossing about in the night. I chanced upon Elegear Cervical Pillow, a pillow for all types of sleepers!

It totally suits Singapore's climate with its soft and cooling material. The height could be adjustable with the 2 pieces of removable foam pads. I love the functional partition as I am a side sleeper most of the time. It allowed me to rest my forearm, feeling more comfortable and preventing numbness from kicking in.

I found myself sleeping better and woke up feeling more refreshed. I was amazed by the super fast delivery too!

Soft and soothing pillow

The unique design and shape of the pillow gives the head and neck better support which makes sleep time better and easier. Material is also more breathable and cooler to sleep on.

Borg Dobbin
Dream sleep

Shocked at how much difference a good pillow can make to sleep. Sleeping so much better with this. So worth the money.