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Strong launched ultracooling tech Arc-chill 3.0 -- the best cooling blanket from Elegear

Strong launched ultracooling tech Arc-chill 3.0 -- the best cooling blanket from Elegear

What is Arc-chill cooling tech?

Arc-chill cooling fiber is made with conductive cross-section fibers and jade particles.

 Jade particles: produce an endothermic reaction that absorbs energy

 Conductive cross-section polyester: speeds up moisture evaporation when the body perspires.

 The combination can quickly absorb body heat, is good at moisture-wicking, and creates coolness and breathability. When you cover yourself with a blanket with Arc-chill cooling fiber, the skin temperature can drop to 35.6-41℉ easily.

What is Arc-chill cooling blanket 3.0 mean?

Arc-chill series has 5 levels. Arc-chill 3.0 cooling blanket is at the thrid level. It has many advantages.

Good breathability

Elegear cooling blanket 3.0 is 12X more breathable than cotton. It has passed the breathability test and is pretty good at releasing body heat. You can see from the picture below:

The left one is Arc-chill 3.0. There is much more air follow coming out of the fabric which means the better breathability.

Comfortable touch

Elegear cooling blanket 3.0 is 1.5X more skin-friendly than ordinary fabrics. When you sleep with it you will feel like be embraced by cool water and allows you to have a cozy and refreshing sleep for sure.

Quick cooling speed

It cools 1.8 times faster than traditional blankets, dropping from 39 to below 35 degrees in just 3 seconds. Ideal for hot sleepers for a cool, comfortable night.

Good feedback from all over the world

Over 500 volunteers of all ages and from various countries joined the experiment, giving it a 97% approval rating.

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If you want to kown more about Arc-chill level, you can click here!



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