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What is Cooling Textile?

What is Cooling Textile?
What Textile We Use?
We use the Japanese high-performance cooling fibers. The Arc-Chill cooling fibers we used were put through rigorous testing by Japan BOKEN. Japanese take very seriously the quality of clothing and textiles, and our cooling fibers meet the Industrial standards in all aspects. Technology has certainly brought about improvements in our physical health and comfort, but our ultimate goal is to pursue the art of rest and relaxation.
Learning to relax can be life-changing for everyone, and we want to offer some help by providing a range of cooling products that can actually help calm your mind and relax your body.
What is the Arc-Chill cooling textile fabric?
Arc-Chill is a revolutionary high-performance functional textile made with conductive cross-section polyester fibers and jade particles, which wick away humidity from the skin, accelerate moisture evaporation, absorb excess body heat, and produce a feeling of coolness and freshness. The jade particles produce an endothermic reaction that absorbs energy, while the modified conductive cross-section polyester speeds up moisture evaporation when the body perspires. The combination produces a cool sensation and reduces skin temperature by 2℃ to 5 ℃。
Whats in it?
Arc-Chill is a new type of Jade-based healthy textile that incorporates jade nano-particles into cool-touch polyester fiber with an X-shaped cross section. This cool polyester knitted fabric with jade particles embedded has an excellent cooling comfort ability.
Jade has been treasured for centuries in mineral health care and treatment. It is rich in minerals and trace elements which are beneficial to the human body, such as zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), selenium (Se), germanium (Ge), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), and many more. Also, jade fiber products can help to promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue and relax muscles.
Putting the natural mineral stones directly into textiles is one of the foremost methods to develop health-promoting textiles. These jade nano-particles play a key, significant role, since  they show outstanding surface properties. Arc-Chill meets peoples demand for healthy living, and is also in line with the contemporary eras focus on green, eco-friendly production. 
How is Arc-Chill created to keep the body cool and fresh
Arc-Chill is produced by transforming jade into particles through nanotechnology, then adding them to the spinning solution that is spun into fibers, and finally spinning these fibers into yarn and weaving them into cloth, to form a health-promoting fabric.
After the special nanotechnology treatment, the jade particles are directly embedded into the polyester fibers and evenly dispersed. The even dispersion of nano-particles contributes to enhance the firmness, stability and persistence of the textiles cooling function.
The amount of jade nano-particles added is also crucial. To find a balance between the cooling effect and other properties of the fabric, such as its durability, texture, air permeability, and performance under strain, we have conducted many experiments to find the best ratio. 

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