Duvet VS Comforter VS Quilt

Duvet VS Comforter VS Quilt

There are many types of bedding sets on the market. So many products make you confused and result in a hard-to-make decision! What’s even more frustrating is: after searching a lot on the internet, you may find duvet, comforter, and quilt, they just look the same.Ugh...... How hard it is to find a suitable bedding set!Don’t worry! Take this instruction manual and let it help you! First, let's understand the differences among duvet, comforter and quilt.


Unlike comforter and quilt, duvet are often paired with covers. You can insert it into the cover which is always built with a tie or zip on the corners. This kind of design brings many advantages:

  • Easy to clean
  • Having different colors and patterns by changing the cover especially in holidays like Christmas,Halloween...
  • Prolong the lifespan of duvet
  • If you dislike making the bed, you can just lay it on the bed and put some pillows on if you like

Well, it also has some downsides too, such as:

  • Getting duvet and cover aligned properly can be difficult
  • Sometimes, the inside duvet will move around, which may make you feel lumpy and uncomfortable.

Purchase tip

  • When you decide to buy a duvet, it’s important to identify its breathability especially when you are a hot and sweaty sleeper.


Comforter is made from two pieces of cloth sewn together at the edges. The middle can be filled with a variety of materials. When you get your comforter, you can lay it in your bed directly and enjoy it right now. Good points it has:

  • Very convenient, no need to prepare anything else. Of course, there is no problem to prepare a cover to match it as long as you like!
  • It is usually warm and fluffy,so it’s quite comfortable
  • If you like the sense of layering and want to make your bed neat and tidy, then this is definitely something you can consider.

Some things you might not like:

  • Comforter requires dry cleaning, you need to take it to dry cleaner


Quilt is similar to a comforter but quilted and usually has three layers. Due to the sewing process, it is thinner than comforter. Better for summer. Many vintage quilts are patchwork with interesting designs. What you can enjoy when you use quilt:

  • Thinner and lighter
  • If the size of it is small, you can also put it on your sofa
  • Interesting and unique outlook


  • Dry cleaning is the best which is inconvenient

When you read here, maybe you have a general understanding of these three items. However, you are still a little confused when you apply this knowledge to the wide variety of products on the Internet. That's because merchants often do not use these terms strictly. So, let me put it this way. Right now, don’t think about any definitions anymore, just think about what you need. When you decide to buy one, what’s the most important thing you should pay attention to? Actually, it should be fabric. That’s because different fabrics lead to various touch impressions and influence cleaning, breathability, suitable season, quality, etc. Of course, size and cost also matter, but these two factors are much easier to find the answer. We will analyze the differences between different fabrics and discuss how to clean them in detail in the next article, welcome stay tuned.


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