Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Review--Will this popular blanket really cool you all night long?

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket Review--Will this popular blanket really cool you all night long?

There are few nighttime sensations more annoying than overheating. When your bedroom is too chilly, it’s easy to pile on more blankets. When it’s too hot, you’re forced to lie in a pool of sweat. The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling blanket is popular on Amazon for its purported cooling powers, so I decided to give it a whirl. 

What is the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket?

Elegear is a home product company that offers everything from faux fur blankets to bathroom caddies to shower suction hooks. It also sells an array of bedroom products that claim to offer cooling properties including sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. The company appears to be online-only, selling its products on its website Elegear as well as retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

What temperature to set a cooling blanket?

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket purports to keep you cool all night—making the bold claim to “brilliantly absorb your body heat, reducing skin temperature by 2 to 5°C instantly.”

Which side of cooling blanket goes against skin?

It’s double-sided so you can in theory use it in different seasons. Its cotton side, supposedly, keeps you warm on cooler nights, while its side made of “Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric” runs cool for hot nights. The blanket comes in four sizes and eight colors (when fully in stock) and is machine-washable. It has 4.5 stars from more than 18,000 online reviewers.

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My honest feeling of using Elegear cooling blanket

Like many people, I prefer sleeping under a blanket because it makes me feel snug and safe. But this can be an issue when the weather gets hot, as I don’t have AC in my bedroom. After testing the Elegear blanket on a couple hot nights, I was pleased to find that it felt cooler than sleeping under a typical blanket. With the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket, I could stay securely wrapped when I would’ve otherwise kicked my blanket away. The cool-tech fabric side of the blanket offers a refreshing cooling sensation when you first put it over you and doesn’t absorb body heat easily. It’s also a fairly light and breathable blanket, which might be helped by having a cotton reverse side.

The advanced cooling fabric tech of Arc-chill

I liked the feeling of the Elegear blanket against my skin at night. The “Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric, a synthetic blend made of nylon and polyethylene, is soft, silky, and smooth. The cotton side feels soft and almost downy.

It feels and smells like plastic
As just mentioned, the synthetic fabric side of the Elegear blanket is made of mica nylon and polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic that’s used in common products like shopping bags and bottles. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise then that wrapping myself up in the Elegear blanket is similar to how I imagine the experience of wrapping myself in a sheet of plastic—or that it smelled a bit like chemicals.

It isn’t cooler than sleeping with no covers at all
Although the Elegear blanket felt cooler than my normal bedding, it isn’t cooler than lying in my bed with nothing on top of me. This means it’s a good summer substitute for a normal blanket but won’t magically keep you colder than room temperature, despite its claims to the contrary to actively chill your body down while covered with it.

The cotton side isn’t warming
For better or worse, I didn’t think flipping the blanket over to its cotton side made me feel any warmer. The cotton side holds body heat more than the “chill fabric,” but it is still a light blanket that doesn’t really insulate.

How to choose the right size?

I found that the 59-by-79-inch Elegear blanket—which the brand refers to as “twin”— was too small to properly cover me, which says a lot as I’m just over 5 feet tall. When I rolled around in the night, it fell off me. If I had it tucked securely under my feet, my shoulders ended up uncovered. Then again, a standard twin-sized blanket measures 66 inches by 90 inches—so indeed, the Elegear dimensions are diminutive.

Curiously, the “queen” option in the listing measures 79 inches by 86 inches—also smaller than the typical queen blanket dimensions of 90 inches by 90 or 100 inches. In fact, if you want a blanket large enough to cover a queen-sized bed, you’d be better off with the “king” Elegear, which measures 90 inches by 108 inches (and if you have an actual king-sized bed, you’re out of luck, because there isn’t an Elegear that measure 100 inches by 108 inches, the dimensions needed to cover that size bed).

Is the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket worth it?

Despite it not delivering on the active cooling claim, I found the Elegear blanket kept me from getting too hot while offering me the snug feel of being covered at night. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find a blanket that truly keeps you cold all night unless it’s electric, because that would break the laws of physics. That said, the Elegear blanket might be a decent bet for anyone hoping for a blanket that, at minimum, won’t make you too hot.


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