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How to wash blanket with different fabrics?

How to wash blanket with different fabrics?

In the last blog, we discussed different fabrics. This time, we will continue to talk about the correct washing methods for different fabrics.

Wash method of cotton, linen, and bamboo fiber

These fibers are made from plant cellulose. They can be washed by hand or in a machine. However, they are dyed with a "reactive dye," which does not bond well to these fibers. This means about 35% of the dye is loose and can wash out easily, leading to fading. Therefore, to avoid color bleeding, please wash different colors separately.

bamboo cotton fabric

Wash method of Polyester

Many people may not be familiar with polyester. You may consider what is polyester and does polyester shrink after washed.

What is polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric typically made from petroleum. It is one of the world's most popular textiles.

Does polyester shrink?

You can be assured that polyester fabric will not deform or shrink easily even when machine washed. Furthermore, the dyes used for this type of fabric are "disperse dyes." These dyes are particularly strong and difficult to wash off, making it a low-maintenance option for washing. Be careful with high temperatures when drying and ironing. Disperse dyes can turn from solid to gas at high temperatures, causing the color to fade and potentially staining other clothes. Always use low temperatures when drying and ironing!

Wash method of silk, wool, nylon

These three types of fabrics are all protein fibers dyed with "acid dyes." Alkaline detergents can damage these fibers and cause the color to fade. To properly care for these fabrics, use acidic or neutral detergents. These detergents help prevent fading and protect the fabric's texture, keeping silk smooth and wool soft and fluffy.

Wash method of wool

The biggest problem with wool is shrinkage, which differs from cotton shrinkage. It is irreversible. The prominent scale layer on the surface of wool fibers. During washing, this layer causes wool fibers to rub against each other and tangle, leading to shrinkage. To prevent this, wash wool fabrics gently by hand or use the wool mode on your washing machine, which mimics a gentle cradle-like motion. This minimizes rubbing and helps reduce shrinkage.


In this blog, we have introduced how to wash different types of fabrics. In the next article, we will talk about different washing methods such as dry cleaning and air cleaning, as well as recommend tips for removing oil stains and blood stains. Please stay tuned! Welcome to LEAVE a message and SHARE it!

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