Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Pillowcase Review From Gadgeteer

Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Pillowcase Review From Gadgeteer

Today Elegear wants to share our revolutionary pillowcase review from gadgeteer. If you want to know more about it, get ready to read!

Why you need a cooling pillowcase?

It’s late summer. Every part of me is hot, but unfortunately not in the sexy way.  Even with our milder summer this year, middle age means I’m never cold.  When I heard there was such a thing as a cooling pillowcase,  I knew I was the perfect subject to test it.  The  Elegear Cooling Pillowcase promised to cool down my very hot head.


What is cooling pillowcase?

The Elegear Cooling Pillowcase is a pillowcase for hot sleepers designed to cool you down.


What’s in the box?

Two Elegear Cooling Pillowcases. I chose queen size, but they are also available in standard size.

What the cooling fabric of cooling pillowcase?

  1. One side is a cooling fabric made of a blend of 80% nylon and 20% polyethylene (Q-Max >0.45 cooling fibers)
  2. One side is 100% cotton.
  3. It has a hidden zipper


Do cooling pillows actually work?-- The true feeling of my son and me


One of the simple pleasures in life is flipping your pillow over to the cool side.  But what if you were always sleeping on the cool side?  With the prospect of that waved in front of me you should have seen me eagerly opening up the box with the Elegear Cooling Pillowcases. I was ready for the cool, baby!  I only sleep on king-sized down pillows and these cases don’t come in king size, so I chose the largest size they had and I crammed one of my flatter king-sized pillows into the case.  It made the pillow fuller and it still cradled my head as I liked. I gave the other one to my son and put it on his standard-sized pillow. The queen size pillow was a little sloppy on my son’s standard sized pillow, but it did keep him cool!



The fabric on this pillow is a cotton knit on one side, sort of like a regular T-shirt. The other side is the special cooling fabric, very similar to the kind of fabric used in sportswear.  It’s silky and smooth and feels luxurious even though it looks like you’re sleeping on a performance T-shirt.  The product page talks a lot about “Japanese” cooling technology involving “Jade Masterbatch.”  I tried to research what that is, but I couldn’t find much about it.   The product page indicates that it involves jade nano particles that help with bed-head, wrinkles, split ends, dryness, and static electricity. I didn’t notice any difference one way or the other in my post-sleep hair or wrinkles, but I rarely have issues with any of that so I might not be the best test subject.  My son is the same way. 


Cooling Effect

The Elegear Cooling Pillowcase’s product page says that the pillow will absorb your body heat and feels like it lowers the temperature by 35-41 degrees f.  That’s a lot of degrees!  I don’t know that they feel that cold, but they definitely feel cool to the touch, much like the cooling blanket that I love from the same manufacturer.  My son and I slept on these pillows for a couple of weeks, and I even took one with me on a weekend getaway and put it on a standard pillow there.  We are completely split on how these pillows perform.  I didn’t think they were any cooler than my regular cotton pillowcase but my son definitely noticed a difference.  I agree that it is really cool when you first touch it and for a little while when you’re lying on it, but for me, this pillowcase was hot just like any other down pillow after a while.   My son swears they make a difference for him, though, and I imagine that no matter who you are if your head is cold initially that could help you fall asleep just by itself.  The website says that the fibers absorb body heat to make you feel cool but require cold air to release that heat.  It recommends that you turn on an air conditioner or fan to increase the cooling effect.  Perhaps there is more airflow in my son’s smaller room?  Perhaps he moves around more as well.  I sleep like a dead person, so my hot spot stays hot.


How to wash the cooling pillowcase?

In any case, the Elegear Cooling Pillowcases are nice quality with a hidden zipper that won’t catch your hair.   I also think pillowcases that zip look tidier on the bed.   These cases are machine or hand-washable, but are designed to air dry and should not be put in the dryer.  They are returnable if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked.


What I like

  • Silky fabric
  • Cooling works for some people
  • What I’d change
  • Maybe make them available in king size


Final Thoughts

For the money, I feel like the Elegear Cooling Pillowcases are probably worth a try if you’re really hot at night. They are not going to break the bank and they might work for you. You can always return them so I don’t really see a downside to giving them a shot.





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