The Recommended Coolest Blanket of Consumer Report-- Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

The Recommended Coolest Blanket of Consumer Report-- Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

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Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Photo: Consumer Reports

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket remained the coolest in CR's lab tests and feels soft and silky.


  • Comfort: Very good
  • Cooling ability: Excellent
  • Quality: Very good

Available sizes: Throw (51x67 inches), twin (59x79 inches), queen (79x86 inches), and king (90x108 inches)

Available colors/patterns: 6

Which cooling blanket is best? 

Cooling abilities: Out of all the cooling blankets we tested, the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket performed the best and proved it can help keep you the coolest. It is both comfortable and well made, especially considering it costs $40 and is close in price to the Guohaoi Cooling Blanket ($38), which isn’t as well designed.

What is cooling fabric made of?

Quality and comfort: According to the manufacturer, this blanket is designed on one side with a material it claims can dissipate heat 10 times faster than cotton called Arc-Chill 3.0 Cool Fabric (the manufacturer also claims this side of the blanket is made from nylon and polyethylene). This side feels cool to the touch and smooth, a little like swimsuit material.

The reverse side of the blanket is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton (this means it has been tested for harmful substances and was made in certified and audited production facilities), and it’s softer and slightly more plush. The edges of the blanket have a smooth, satin-like border with even stitching. When I pulled hard on the blanket, it felt sturdy, not flimsy, and not like it was going to rip.

Do cooling blankets actually work?

I wore the blanket for 1 hour and it felt thin and lightweight, not at all like a blanket that was adding heat or pressure to my body. The surface side remained cool throughout this time, and I found it to be an overall comfy and cooling experience on a warm May day.

How to wash cooling blanket?

Maintenance: This blanket is machine washable, but it is recommended that you place it inside a laundry net bag to prevent it from getting tangled and damaged. Do not dry-clean, tumble dry, or iron this blanket. The company advises not to hang it in the sun and that the best way to dry it is to hang it in the shade.

I don’t have a clothing line in a shady area at my home, so I improvised with a clothing line in my basement. It took about 24 hours to dry.

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