Review--I Always Had Trouble Sleeping In the Summer Until I Found Elegear Cooling Comforter

Review--I Always Had Trouble Sleeping In the Summer Until I Found Elegear Cooling Comforter

If you’re anything like me, dear reader, then you sleep hot — and I mean hot. This makes summer one of my least favorite seasons (controversial coming from a July baby, but it’s the God’s honest truth.) If I don’t go to bed prepared in the middle of a heat wave, I can count on my nights being long, hot, and sleepless. As a result, I’ve made it (part of) my life’s mission to find the best cooling bedding around. From luxurious sheets that stay cool to the touch to a mattress designed to stave off the sweat, if it’s designed to keep you cool I’ll put it to the test. Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for a cooling comforter. While I love a plush, cloud-like duvet, it doesn’t always love me back. especially come summertime. So I began my hunt for something lightweight, chic, and designed to keep me cool. That’s when I came across Elegear’s Cooling Comforter — and I’ve never slept better.

What is Elegear’s Cooling Comforter?

Designed to keep hot sleepers cool on even the hottest nights, Elegear’s Cooling Comforter is an absolute dream. The secret behind this blanket’s power lies in its dual-sided design. On one side you’ll find a knitted fabric side that’s soft to the touch and elegant — the other side is where the magic happens. Made with Japanese Q-Max 0.5 Arc-Chill cooling fibers, this side brilliantly absorbs body heat, reducing skin temperature and wicking away dreaded night sweats. Best of all, this fabric stays cool to the touch the entire night.


Why I Love Elegear’s Cooling Comforter

When I first unboxed this comforter, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. Being used to big, fluffy comforters, I wasn’t sure if this would be great or too big of a departure for me. However, the second I got my hands on the blanket itself, I let out an audible, “Oh wow.” Not only is this blanket as soft as they claim, but the cool side is truly ice cold. The real test, however, came later that night when I put it to use in the middle of a recent New York City heatwave (optimal testing conditions) and found myself remaining cool and sweat-free the entire night. The feeling of the cool fabric against my skin was heavenly. In fact, it did such a good job at keeping me cool, I was even able to lower my a/c, something I know future me is going to be thankful for once she gets her electric bill. Double win!


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