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Everything you want to know about Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket and Q max Fabric

Everything you want to know about Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket and Q max Fabric

What is Elegear Arc-chill cooling tech?

Arc-chill cooling tech has 5 levels which are developed based on the rating of Q Max. Different levels adopt different materials to achieve a certain cooling level.

What is QMax value of fabric?  

The Qmax value shows how fast heat can pass from body to fabric. It shows the maximum heat that can move through one square meter of the fabric in a second. The higher the Qmax values, the cooler you will feel.

Take Elegear as example, you can have an intuitive feeling about the relationship between cooling blanket and Q max.

 Level  Fabirc Q Max 
Level 1  Cotton/Microfiber 0.1
Level 2 Silk 0.2
Level 3  Bamboo+Nylon+Mica 0.3
Level 4 Nylon+Pe+Mica 0.4
Level 5 Nylon+Spandex+Mica 0.5


How do cooling blankets work?

Now let we explore how arc-chill works in cooling blanket to obtain the good cooling effect.

Arc-chill cooling level 3 to 5 uses mica. It will produce an endothermic reaction that absorbs energy. Then it will combined with other materials to create different cooling effects.(Base on the level you choose)

What fabric are cooling blankets made of?

The common fabrics of cooling blanket are bamboo, cotton and silk. Many blankets are made from a mix of fabrics. The following picture show the fabric of Arc-chill cooling blanket.

What is the most breathable type of blanket?

If you empahsis on the safty and health of rather than the cooling effect, or , the nation you live is not that much hot. Then, you can choose blanket with cottoon fabric. Like Arc-chill level one.

What kind of fabric can prevent allergies and acne?

Bamboo can be the top choice. That’s because bamboo fiber is natural, environmentally friendly, moisture-absorbent, breathable, antibacterial and deodorizing which can well meet the needs of anti-allergy.

What is the best blanket to avoid night sweats?

For hot sleeper and night sweat, the cooling effect means a lot. You can read oroduct manual and Q max value to help you make a decision.

How to wash Arc-chill cooling blanket?

It is machine washable and hand washable, but requires low temperatures and low spin speeds. It also cannot be put in the dryer and needs to be air dried.

How to stay cool while sleeping?

You can use the icy side of the blanket while using the fan or air conditioner. If both sides of the cooling blanket adopt cooling tech, you can sleep on one side and change to another side when you feel hot.

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