Elegear Arc-chill® Cooling Moisture Wicking Shirts Arc-chill Extreme Q Max 0.5

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Size: Mediu
Color: Black

What is Arc-chill Cooling Blanket ?

Jade + Polyester = COOL

What defines a good shirt?

Crew Neck T-Shirts

Crew Neck design for enhanced aesthetics.

Unique Cooling Fabric

Made from a cooling fabric with double the elasticity that won't lose shape. The flat hem and cuffs won't curl or deform after washing.

Japanese Arc-Chill Q-Max>0.5

Compared to a cotton t-shirt's 0.2 Q Max rating. Elegear Cooling shirt reaches 0.5 Q-Max, offering unparalleled cooling effect.

Why you should choose Elegear Arc-chill Shirt ?

How To Choose The Suitable Size For Me ?

Read this blog to help you konw more about Elegear T-shirt 👇
crew neck T-shirt

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Good Feedback


It does work

I really didn't expect this to work (it won't do much on a really hot day). This shirt is cool to the touch even after washing, I'm impressed with how well this works, would recommend.


Great Fit, Comfortable, Best for routine use around the year

The T-Shirt is a really cool one. It doesn't get dirty quickly unlike most of the cotton shirts which I have used to date.

The material is soft to feel and is not differently made. The stretchable material makes it a great fit and it is true to its size. Although it is said to keep you cool, I think you should still be able to use it around the year.

You can wear it inside and have a contrast shirt or jacket on the top which gives a great look. I also use if under a T-Shirt or hoodie during the beginning of the summer when I don't want to wear a heavy jacket. I loved this T-Shirt and would definitely recommend this T-Shirt, especially for summer.



This shirt is nice cool material, great for working out or yard. XXL large fit as expected. Will buy more