Tested and Best: Elegear Gradient Cooling Comforter

Tested and Best: Elegear Gradient Cooling Comforter

It's May and summer temps are here. Even though it still gets comfortably cool at night, it's only a matter of time before that heats up. And this is why I am pleased to share another product with you,one that I was happy to review and wholeheartedly recommend---Elegear Gradient Cooling Comforter.

Is it really cooling? Yes! Through advanced textile technology (called
"Arc-Chill’), jade nanoparticles are woven into the fabric. Somehow,
this makes something amazing happen; heat and moisture are wicked
away to produce a wonderful cooling effect.

What are Elegear cooling comforters made of?

So, how is the comforter different from the cooling blanket and t-shirts
Ireviewed two years ago? The comforter is triple layer. The top and
bottom are made of the same Are-Chill cooling fabric. The inner filling
layer consists of a 3-D hollow structure fiber. They're cushioned with
air, which makes for a delightfully lightweight, fluffy comforter.

First Impressions 

  • The comforter is lightweight and deliciously soft and silky.
  • A nice sleeping weight.
  • Mine is a pretty gradient blue, but it comes in gray too.
  • Queen-sizecooling comforter covers both of us nicely.

How to wash cooling comforter?

  • Machine wash; cool water, gentle cycle. Laundry bag recommended.
  • Line dry. I know some people think this is a deal breaker if they don't have a clothesline, but I often dry blankets and comforters by spreading them over the back of the sofa and turning once.

What did I do to increase the cooling effect?

  • During the night, the comforter may seem to loose its effect. Simply change positions or give it a shake.
  • Using a ceiling or room fan on low will crank up the cooling effect.

Who would benefit from a cooling comforter?

  • Anyone who wants to lower their electric bill.
  • Anyone who wants to lower their carbon footprint by not running their air conditioner so much.
  • Off-grid situations like camping and backpacking. Backup cooling in case the electricity goes out.
  • As part of an emergency kit for a summer road trip. Keep cool if the car breaks down on a hot day in the sun!

Okay, I know I sound like some sort of scripted advertiser. But honestly, I'm just so happy to have cooling products in our life, We strive to be as low energy as possible, and in my part of the country (the hot, sultry southeastern US) products like this truly help us achieve our goal in comfort.

If you want to have a cooling and refreshing summer night like Leigh. CLICK HERE TO START! 


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