Premium Silky Super Cooling Stripe Pillowcases

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Color: LightGray
Size: 20*30 inch

GENERIC ELASTIC PILLOW CASES:Made of high elasticity spandex material , it can be fit well with most STANDARD and QUEEN size pillows. You can choose the right size pillowcases and cover the pillows more easily with our ultra elastic pillowcases, you can buy the pillowcases as your wish, no need to worry that pillowcases won't fit your pillows.

DOUBLE SIDED COOLING PILLOWCASES:Made of special Japanese Arc-Chill Q-Max 0.38 Cooling Fibers. Compared to polyester and bamboo covers, our 100% premium silky cooling material that provides extreme ventilation, a breathable pillow covers help circulate the airway from your body- keeping you comfortably cool.


Wake up with tangle hair in the morning? Japan beauty experts found that slick surface cooling material reduces friction and causes less pulling of your hair, which mean less tangles, hair breakage. Unique cooling silk fiber and tight weave allow the skin and hair to slide over the pillowcase freely, silky and naturally, to help retain your shiny hairstyle.